Come check out this Black Sheep!

This was previously a commercial property, which has been renovated for over $150 000 into this luxury 3990 square feet estate. Not only does this black house stand out on its block, but it stands out, period. It. Is. A. Black Sheep. Atypical. Unique. One of One.

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Multiple Parking Spots

At 13lacksheep there are 5-7 driveway parking spaces and free street parking. If free parking doesn't excite you, then you must be the passenger, and it's time you pay your friend some gas money!

Multi-Purpose Open Space

This front foyer is nearly 1900 square feet! This makes it a great dance floor, lounge, movie room [with our 65 inch smart wall mounted TV], the possibilities are truly endless.

Versatile Outdoor Space

This unique "L" shaped property has a side space and back-door with a privacy wall and gazebo for you to smoke in privacy without your mother seeing. If that was the perfect pitch for you, then you are TOO YOUNG to book with us! LOL ;)

Kitchen and Earring Vending Machine

Open concept kitchen with 16 feet counter--line up your dinner and self-serve like a buffet. If your girl took the last chicken leg, take them earrings off and go at it with her over the last chicken. Lost your earring in the fight? We gotchu. We have an earring dispenser so bring your 2$ coins!


Okay do you really think we would forget about the wifi? ... How else would you tag our instagram @13lacksheep with your event pictures? Tag us and maybe we will gift you with a future discount... key word MAYBE. Depends how well you clean up after yourselves. Hmmph.

Central Heating/Air Conditioning

"Well woman the way the time cold, I wanna be keepin' you warm I got the right temperature fi shelter you from the storm" ... If you are reading this in french, the previous line probably made no sense, but you should listen to Temperature by Sean Paul.

Fireman's Pole

If you think this pole has anything to do with a fireman... honey, you're too young for this event house. This aint no Ronald Mcdonald playhouse. Please don't 'Bruk' your headtop trying to 'bruk it down'!

Sleeping Accommodations

We chose not to take up space with typical bedrooms and stationary beds. Instead we have 8 foldable full size 6 inch mattresses. See our instagram for visuals. Karen, if you got a sensative back, bring your own bed.

Sleeps 16 Guests

Our custom-made sofa-booth beds feature full-size mattresses, comfortably accommodating two adults each. With a total of eight units located in the living room, transforming them into beds is a breeze. Simply unfold them for a restful night's sleep. Bedding is conveniently stored within the large black cushions, accessible by unzipping them. In this house, there are no conventional beds besides these versatile foldable mattresses. For added comfort, stack them to create a loftier sleeping arrangement. For a visual guide on how our sleeping arrangements function, check out our Instagram story highlight titled "Sleeps 16".

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White Room

Though the bed is notably absent, this bedroom contains an array of captivating furnishings and even a striking pole. This space defies the conventions of a typical bedroom, offering a multifunctional oasis where creativity knows no bounds. Control the ambiance effortlessly with smart lights responding to your voice commands of "lights on" and "lights off," or personalize your experience further with the "magic lantern" app, available for download at your fingertips. Enclosed by a chic barn door, you may move the foldable mattresses here if you would like the typical private bedroom feel.

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Welcome to your dream kitchen! This fully furnished culinary haven boasts a sprawling 16-foot-long counter, providing ample space for your culinary creations and entertaining endeavors. With an open concept design, this kitchen seamlessly integrates with the living area, ensuring you're always at the heart of the action. Whether you're whipping up a gourmet meal or simply enjoying a cozy night in, this kitchen is sure to be the focal point. Additionally, there are 2 large 6 feet round tables with wheels that you may easily move around for your optimal set up!

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