Come check out this Mini Chalet!

This Mini-Chalet allows you to get the chalet experience without the typical chalet prices--and in close proximity to Montreal/Laval. Styled with a retro touch, this open concept house will truly give you an experience. The large outdoor deck is the perfect spot for your BBQ cook-outs too! With its newly renovated black siding, this Mini-Chalet is most definitely a 13lacksheep property.

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Multiple Parking Spots

At Mini-Chalet there are 3-4 driveway parking spaces and free street[summer] parking. If free parking doesn't excite you, then you must be the passenger, and it's time you pay your friend some gas money!

Retro Theme meets Romantic Lanterns

This open space not only has a retro-themed dedicated space, but also has a dedicated lantern space where you can light up the room in the colour of your choice. Can't choose one colour, that's fine let the lanterns glow and change into different colours! It's truly a beautiful sight!

Large Deck

This deck has a large table, 12 chairs, and a new BBQ! What else do you need in the summer? ... Ahh yes... you need friends--friends to enjoy this mini chalet with!


Mini chalet but not such a mini kitchen. This open concept kitchen does not lack any counter space for you to present all your delicious dishes!


Okay do you really think we would forget about the wifi? ... How else would you tag our instagram @13lacksheep with your event pictures? Tag us and maybe we will gift you with a future discount... key word MAYBE. Depends how well you clean up after yourselves. Hmmph.

Heating/Air Conditioning

"Well woman the way the time cold, I wanna be keepin' you warm I got the right temperature fi shelter you from the storm" ... If you are reading this in french, the previous line probably made no sense, but you should listen to Temperature by Sean Paul.

Decor Room

This decor room is the second bedroom that is not advertised as a bedroom because it is being worked on currently--once completed it will be the perfect room for you to take your finest pictures for instaaagram! We have the cute backdrops already set up for you!

Sleeping Accommodations

We chose not to take up space with typical bedrooms and stationary beds. Instead we have 4 foldable full size mattresses--and one white sheep, regular, typical bed in the *drumrolls* bedroom. Do you really want to call dibs on the bedroom bed when you can be sleeping under the glamorously lit lanterns?

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